REMINGTON has been committed to developing ball valve products since the 1960s. As an enterprise with over 40 years of industrial ball valve production history, REMINGTON has a diverse range of products, involving a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, polysilicon chemical, coal chemical, chemical, natural gas, power plants, metallurgy, offshore platforms, steel and aluminum manufacturing, power and industrial waste treatment industries, liquefied natural gas (LNG), cement industry, and so on.

Especially in high demand and extremely harsh working conditions such as coal gasification, polycrystalline silicon, and organic silicon, REMINGTON has a high reputation and a good industry reputation. Among these achievements and projects, REMINGTON's product quality and good maintenance have received high praise from the owners.

As a valve problem solver, REMINGTON has always been committed to the research and development of ball valves in various possible application fields. It can provide better and better solutions to help owners solve valve problems, and will specifically design corresponding valves to meet the requirements of each owner's different working conditions. Therefore, REMINGTON has many models in each product series, All for better and more accurate service to various working conditions and different owners.

our products

Nidderau | in the Rhein – Main region

  • Executive Board
  • Sales/purchasing
  • Order Management
  • Design and development
  • Quality assurance and planning
  • Warehouse management semi-finished/finished products
  • Ball production/assembly
  • Production of internal components for Metal-Seated Valves

Prenzlau | near Berlin

  • Management
  • Warehouse management – raw materials
  • Manufacturing of all housing components
  • Prefabrication of internal components for Metal-Seated Valves
  • Machining
PERRIN parent company KITZ Corporation
  • Headquarters in Japan
  • Approx. 4,000 employees
  • Japanese biggest valve manufacturer
  • Quality Leader worldwide

  • More than 25 subsidiaries